The fediverse as an educational platform

This year’s APconf talks engage with quite a few academic and educational disciplines. Let’s all get together and discuss the ways that the fediverse can be used as an educational tool and what work still needs to be done to make those tools accessible.


Yes! From educational psychology we trust in learning with others, not just teachers. We call this kind of learning “peer learning”, or “social learning”, and includes “peer evaluation”.
I think that the Fediverse can help us in this field, we use always Moodle to interact with students but its just repeat the same vertical model from the traditional school where the teacher always has the trut… Just for begins the discussion about this topic.


I’m looking forward to chatting with you more about it at the conference! I’d also like to discuss the ‘wish-list’ you included at the end of your presentation in this BoF, especially if we’ve got non-programmers (or limited programming skills) in the same space as the developers. I think XWiki might solve some of them (especially file sharing federated with mastodon).

I’d love to see educational resources nurturing the #fediversity!

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That would be a nice discussion to have!

Edurne and I have been working on HAHA Academy which seeks to enable p2p knowledge sharing and self-directed learning. (The software component is part of the #software:commonspub ecosystem).


+1 for this topic. We’re working on which is creating a learning map - and already supports ActivityPub. Both users and topics have inboxes and outboxes and it seems to be working well with about 3,000 active users.

Seeing many conversations happen around creating a topic taxonomy, or controlled vocabulary and this would be a great place to bring them all together.


Thanks for the repĺy, I don’t know about Xwiki but sounds a very good tool for this wish-list. The point is to share references, opinions to open to discussion, so the fediverse and the instance are a very good place to this in the future of the online-learning. For us is like create halls and corridors where the students can talk to each others to collaborate without the “formality” of the virtual classroom like moodle, blackboard or google classroom.

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As I was looking up a professor at a French university I was sent straight to his university simply outsourced their web presence! This and Elsevier and ResearchGate, and Google Scholar and you have all (public) scientific knowledge behind paywalls and in the hands of private corporations. So long science… So yes, the Fediverse could certainly offer a much needed alternative to the privatization of scientific research and academic knowledge.


Agreed, has such an agressive marketing strategy too. They have a free (as in beer) base level, but won’t give you any useful analytics unless you pay for premium. As a graduate student I get emails regularly informing me that my name has appeared in x-number of papers in my field but won’t give me links etc. at least gives access to full-text pdfs that users upload, so it’s one way that academics can try to end-run the university payway system, but it’s flawed. I think there’s definitely space for the Fediverse to step in (HAHA Academy, XWiki, and LearnAwesome all look promising)

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