The geeks talk about the mess we are in

The geeks talking about the #geekproblem nicely - Ten years after ‚We Lost The War‘ worth watching to find paths out of our current mess and compost the #techshit we have built over the last 10 years.

Looking for a crew who want to work agenst the #mainstreaming of the #deathcult that we see as the default blinded geek culture.

Who is interested in the #openweb and can see the problems with the #closedweb

Don’t be shy #OMN


We are building out of this mess.standerds

#4opens The whole “open” standards is a mess. BUT it’s the mess we need to build onto in till we get anufe of the #openweb rebooted/including democratic decision-making, to rejuvenate the standards bodies.

If there is a strong democracy, it’s relatively simple to knock the #dotcons back in this area #OGB

Without this reboot we are adding to the #techchurn which makes more mess.

The #mainstreaming is an obvious disaster with the #dotcons so for our own motivation let’s put them to one side.

Our tech is hopelessly mired in the #geekproblem, so we need to compost a shitload of this.

The path out of both of these #blocking paths is an old one based on trust and humanity.

Let’s reboot the #openweb with grassroot democracy at its core.

This easily pushes the #dotcons out to let “us” focus on useful projects, social tech needs the social/democratic.

#OGB #openweb

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