The Paradox of Open (Building a Shared Digital Europe)

I found a very interesting site posted to fedi. Some excerpts paraphrased:

The Paradox of Open

by Paul Keller & Alek Tarkowski

Today, Open is both a challenge to and an enabler of concentrations of power.

  • The ideas of open access and free reuse of information goods continue to be some of the most powerful challenges to the exclusive control by corporations and states over information goods.

  • Yet making such resources open also exposes them to the imbalances of power that shape these societies – and in the worst cases serves to strengthen these imbalances.

The paradox of open can be solved here, in Europe

A European, values-based vision of technological development, a commitment to supporting public institutions and the public sphere, and novel ideas about data and content governance will help to solve the paradox of Open.

Where we will go from here:

  1. Understanding the New Open
  2. Creating a sum of our movements’ parts
  3. Building a Shared Digital Europe

We believe that policymaking is also worldbuilding. We are therefore targeting our advocacy on European policymakers. We are not only looking at the digital agenda of the current Commission, but also seeking to contribute to the digital agenda of the next European Commission.

Think this is an interesting resource to consider wrt our liaison with the EC.

Have tried to read the linked post 3 time and each time I get nothing from it. Can you outline what is the doc saying without the flash and padding please?

My reaction is when #mainstreaming people start to do flashy graphics and buzz pieces on agenders that are outside the living movement there are always agenders that are outside the movement that are pushing them.

This always does damage, rarely does good.

Think we need a BBB chat on these issues.

This is a very broken web we live in so let’s clarify issues.

Eye roll

this next bit is in reaction to the above toots

This is an example of the issue am talking about, but from a different community would be good to write the same text from the fedi prospective as these issues are universal in grassroots Alt movements.