The SocialHub on Conf.Tube

From the beginning, we adopted to disseminate videos related to the ActivityPub community. The APconf account was created for the #meeting:apconf2020 and remains there to give witness to the work accomplished.

Yesterday I obtained from @rgggn, the admin of a dedicated socialhub account for the ActivityPub community at large. I would like here to propose how we could use this account collectively, notably to avoid further hiccups with timely access to the publish button.

Here are a few topics we can discuss here…

What is the socialhub account for?

This section is to define what goes to the video channels

Description: The ActivityPub Community - ConfTube

The SocialHub brings together members of the W3 Social CG, ActivityPub implementors, users, researchers, and other interested people to further the development of the specifications and explore the Fediverse together.

This account provides channels to share ongoing work with the community. For the ActivityPub Conference, see the APConf account.

Access to the socialhub account on

How to hit this publish button

As for other SocialHub assets, the shares credentials to access the account.

  • should we define another team to share credentials with?
  • should we define some dedicated channels?
    2 initial channels come to mind:
    • ActivityPub for Administrations (our current webinars/workshop series)
    • APconf 2021 if we want to do that
  • should we define a following policy?

For all questions my guts feeling is that we should trust our community members and respond to requests here. When questions arise, we can discuss the specific cases.