Thinking doing basic stuff

We have been talking about, BUT not implementing, meany of the issues we still talk about today.

Digital Culture for Free: Gutenberg or Genghis Khan? - visionOntv Bill Thompson discusses whether the Hacker Ethic and Commons-Based Peer Production can make a better world. Are we more like Gutenberg or Genghis Khan?

From the #visionontv mobile studio at #opentech in 2011

This is what the #4opens was set up to mediate 10 years ago, hint change only happens if you actually change, talk is just talking, the is no outcome, in till action happens.


A way to mediate this #techcurn mess (beyond the #4opens which likely composts 90% of the #techshit outa the gate) is to ask coders this question:

Q. What social group are you working with to build this code? If this is only the individual or a small geek group the coding is very likely pointless, if it is a #NGO group likely pointless due to burocratic/top-down process leading to the low user expectations.

Why do we still do social tech projects without asking basic questions is beyond my understanding, more #techshit to compost is not a good look.