federation issue after Follow request

Dear collegues,

in a conversation with Ben and Peter from about a federation issue, they forwarded me precisely to this post in case maybe other developers have encountered similar issues and can suggest a path forward.

When developing #Seppo and looking at federating with their service, I found sending a follow request from the server sports an ‘Accepted’, while from it doesn’t.

The latter makes return a “500 Internal Server Error”.

Among some commonplace lecturing about signing banalities, Peter says being in an intranet is not publicly visible and recommends I should go debug the “500 Internal Server Error” from myself.

My question now is twofold:

Thanks for your cooperation, let’s put federation into the fediverse!

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I recommend you should not work for Fakebooz and avoid free labor for corporations in general. If their software crashes, it’s their problem, not yours. Look elsewhere, you have a community to nurture outside of surveillance capitalism.