Tips on organizing a community meetup?

Are there any tips for organizing a community meetup for (non-techy) Fediverse users, locally or online?
I created a category in the FediverseTown forum for meetups and would like to start with an online meetup.
Any experiences you want to share?

I would add subcategories per region, and use one topic per meetup group. I.e., you could have meetups > Germany > Munchen for example, it makes it easier to coordinate with other people. Maybe in the meetups category add a gathering topic per language, so that people sharing the same language can orient themselves. The Meetup category topic description should serve as a map. Maybe also use the Locations Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta in this category.

As for local events, a current tip would be to ensure that people coming are not sick, and if they have symptoms or were in contact with sick people, better skip this meeting. Have plenty of soap ready, don’t share peanuts or crisp bags, etc. Really simple. You already know the drill, but it’s good to keep it in mind for meetings.

Online events: keep them short, people are bored with online events. We all have better things to do.

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Subcategories for regions would be cool, but Discourse doesn’t allow sub-sub-categories, so I’ll solve that with tags.
Locations plugin a a great idea, thanks.

Definitely, Corona measures are important, thanks for the reminder.

You’re probably right about online meetings too. Everybody is sick of them.

You can do sub sub categories with another plugin from thepavilion, but I would recommend using tags instead as you suggested.

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