Trying to federate with NodeBB

With the new NodeBB category @devnull and I wanted to interconnect with, which is the actor for ActivityPub | NodeBB Community

Whether I try with Article or Note types, I receive a ‘pending’ follow action, which then disappears once I changed pages. I tried and succeeded in following that actor from a Mastodon account. Would you check this @angus, as I suppose you want to do the same with (but this one does not seem to be federated yet.)


The handle for the WG is

Long story short: URL slugs are common and can be used by multiple categories in NodeBB, so handle is a separate field.

Both it and activitypub are federated and can be followed. Works on Mastodon but not via Discourse. We’ll sort it out :smile:


@angus the local error log is here:

@devnull would you find the equivalent on NodeBB?

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