UK Children's commissioner

As mentioned I have now e-mailed the Children’s commissioners office to see if we can get some young people here to share ideas on how to build a better social network.

In the meantime their website has some research on experience of children on social media

Granted what we are doing is NOT all about children, but building a better social network should be for everyone,l no one should be shamed for what they look like for example, if young people have ideas then lets all work together.

There is a report on there to do with end to end encryption, not had a look yet but I do understand how can put children at risk, I guess the counter to this is if you are an activist with children, then using end to end encryption can help protect them. esp if you are in a country where you family may be ask risk due to your activities such as exposing abuses or just speaking out against a government.

If you consider the UK journalist in prison in Iran, for allegedly spying her young child has been without a mother for i think now nearly 7 years.,

Hope this helps


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