UK Online safety bill - part 2

The BBC have an article on the upcoming online safety bill in the UK

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I think this is interesting

“Cyber-flashing” - the sending of unwanted naked images - should be illegal

The term Images can surely be applied to anything from crudely drawn images to detailed drawn images right up to high resolution photos and video.

Given the prevalence of far eastern art depicting nudity, this could cause problems, I have no problem with these images from the far east, as it is ;‘cultural’ but this could quite easily fall foul of the law when the law is not intended to work that way.

Even things such as this
Knowingly distributing seriously harmful misinformation

Could cause problems, as what happens f someone posts something as part of a discussion as an example of mis information. as part of a discussion, heck I can share this as part of a report, so doing so between admins of instances.

Right now if a message is posted about Covid that I know is say clearly anti vaccination, I just mute / block that post. People need to learn to do that, but those tools may not be enough.

Again we can post anti vaccination content as part of a wider discussion or questions about what is being posted to other people on fedi we trust to give a science based view point if we are not sure on something.

Just found this article on a mastodon post

so Facebook are trying to work round the GDPR to gain data on the basis of legitimate use.

If the online harms bill is to work, it is going to have to keep up with these tech giants attempts to circumvent laws.

An exception for small or open source projects could be the way forward

I think that’s how it works with GDPR etc.

There’s little chance of governments being ahead of tech giants

Another front would be to provide open alternatives, with better privacy, and some other features

I agree, I have no problem with the concept of proving my identify online so that I can’t hide on anonymously online
 We just need to find a way for that to work. I think some ideas have been discussed so it may be more of how we implement this.

I also understand not everyone will agree with this, sure this may create a two tier fedi, we all communicate but some instances people have to prove their id on others they have not, lets respect their decision.

It will be interesting to see what is in the final bill of course, but I fedi needs some sort of funding to help us achieve what we would like.

I am not sure how this bill will affect small instances, but we are in danger of being forgotten and then caught up in legislation that is designed to target big tech but will end up having a greater impact on fedi than we would like.

To add to this BBC news today

I am going to contact my local MP., who can perhaps / hopefully put me in touch with the UK Children’s commissioner. perhaps the group that came up with this guide could potentially be invited here to join the conversation.

Perhaps also see if I can get in touch with the head of Barnados (children’s charity)

I think the topic of nudity alone could be interesting. At one end of this you have the extreme pornography, depictions of rape etc, explicit sex. The very other end of that you may have naturism, photography , drawing (which is legal and legal to share as an artistic form) both photo and draw (life art)

Worth a try and at least we can say we tried to engage people.