Unable to find my threads profile

I am unable to find and follow my threads profile @bh4.tech@threads.net (sharing to fediverse turned on) from user search. Making the post to check if the profile in this post becomes hyperlinked and I can follow it.

@julian In the above post, my threads profile is not hyperlinked although I have turned on fediverse sharing in threads. Any solution?

Tried something similar in threads also.

@dataworld_feed@threads.net I this visible to you?

@bh4_tech@threads.net Is this visible to you?

@julian Apparently that . in the username was causing the issue. Changing threads username from bh4.tech to bh4_tech solved the issue.

@bh4-tech Interesting, I wonder if this happens with other usernames with underscores as well!

@julian Problem was not with underscore but with dot in threads username. Changing it to underscore solved the problem.