Upcoming: ActivityPub mentions

We’re taking our time building more interaction into WriteFreely at the moment. A full-fledged commenting system is probably a ways off. But in the meantime, we’re slowly adding interactivity where it makes sense.

The first way will be with support for ActivityPub mentions. This is getting wrapped up right now here: #195 Send out ActivityPub mentions (T627), and should be in the next major release, v0.12.

We’re imagining that for now, people might leverage other fediverse accounts to have conversations around their WF posts. So in my original WF post, I could include the text: “Respond to this post by mentioning @matt@writing.exchange”, which would actually send me a notification on Mastodon, and automatically include that handle when people reply through other microblogging platforms.

We’re hoping some weird new uses will come out of this – you might imagine mentioning a bot to trigger some kind of action, or a federated service doing an interesting thing with the post when it’s mentioned. Once this feature is live we’ll definitely want to hear about how it works out for everyone, and get your feedback on how we might improve it.