Update about the launch of the Donald software by Reuters

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There’s now a ZIP file with source code available to download, but the last published version is from November. IIRC AGPL requires them to publish the version of the code that’s actually powering the service?

But the page with the .zip file has gone some days ago with the cloudflare message (?) , last known was http://web.archive.org/web/20220128173242/https://truthsocial.com/open-source/


Using a US-based VPN you can view the page. Seems they may have configured Cloudflare to block certain countries based on IP.

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I see.

Anyway, downloaded it by the time.
There are some ‚Äúclones‚ÄĚ on github which I diffed and they are all the same.
Only the ‚ÄúSponsor‚ÄĚ buttons have different targets ‚Ķ

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Article on this here

I get a cloud fare error when going to the site


Reports are that they have at least 100k signups. I expect they’ll end on 1 million+ or 10 million+

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Did you look up the .com page from the US?
It is currently not reachable outside.

This article is really a nice scoop together with https://twitter.com/WhiskeyNeon/status/1495507902685196293 :

Well, it is day 0 and there is a waiting list.
TMTG told the stock exchanges it will be 75 Mio. users.
Rightforge said this too.

Together with NGOs our angle is that T. removed the mastodon licenses and until confessing made $1.3 billion.
So, in the EU this is imho market manipulation and the EU courts will check.
For now I had written to NY Attorney General Sebastian Lasse | @sl007@digitalcourage.social (@sl007): "Highly respected Madam Attorney General @NewYorkStateAG with great interest I am following the developments in your ongoing investigation into Donald T. financial dealings. FYI ‚Äď meanwhile: 1) Mr. T. took a FLOSS software (AGPLv3) and removed all the credits and hided ūüĎé1/3" | nitter

Great job keeping track on this. No, I didnt try from the US, I didnt realize it was not reachable outside

Is there a short, write up of AGPL specific violations?

I wonder if the FSF would be interested in this…

but no update yet, I think …