Varied: Media Platform (New Project WOOOOOOOO)

Hi, everyone I just publish my project Varied (Finally), it still at an early stage, but I wanted to just get it out there and start working on it in the open

Some design and feature goals I have for varied include:

  • Being Media Agnostic, with Text and Video already mostly finished and audio and images being worked on

  • Providing as many alternatives as possible to the advertising based business model that most internet platforms run on, those in the Creator economy

  • Being Mostly Protocol Agnostic but giving higher priority to implementing Activitypub then Matrix before supporting any others

You can find the project here: GitHub - SelectSweet/Varied


Congrats! I look forward to checking it out

Woohooo, congratulations! Great start of the year, and another Rust-based AS/AP project :tada:

I wonder about your choice for GPL instead of AGPL, any particular considerations to that?

I chose GPL3 for two reasons, to be compatible with the spritely projects in the future and because i am planing on having a plugin system, from what i understand so far AGPL3 may make those difficult but if my understanding is wrong or the issues can be fixed i am open to moving to the AGPL3 in the future

Great to see another Fediverse project in Rust! From a glance at your code it looks like you havent started implementing Activitypub yet. When you do, I suggest you use my activitypub-federation crate which will save you a lot of work.

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