W3C SWICG (SocialWeb Incubation Community Group) monthly call times

(Quick reminder - you do not need to be a member of W3C or the SWICG, nor do you need to sign any agreement, to attend SWICG calls).

Ok, so, surprising noone, picking a call time for more than two people (let alone a community group’s worth) is challenging (read: impossible).
(Most recent state of the doodle poll: Doodle ).

We’ve got a couple of challenges here – usual time zone difficulties, and weekdays vs evenings/weekends (with some people being only able to make one and not the other).

But, the important thing is to start (we can adjust course as we go). Especially keeping in mind that a large swath of the SocialWeb community dislikes voice calls, and complementary conversations will continue on forums, chat, and repos.

So my proposal would be either:

  1. Let’s just pick a time for a regular monthly call (Wednesdays at 2pm EST or Fridays at 9am EST, for example).


  1. Let’s have two calls a month, on the first and third weeks, one being on a weekday, and the alternating one being on a weekend.

In addition, if people find it helpful, I’d be happy to host informal “developer hacking/office hours” type of voice calls, on the other weeks of the month.

If people don’t object, we can hold our first call this coming week on Friday May 19th at 9am EST, and go from there.


I would suggest an additional rotating meeting day, such as every 17 days, so that attendance rotate as well according to people’s availability. Having a fixed day will definitely end up colliding with other engagements, and this particular group might be a good candidate for some sort of randomness in attendance. Then people can choose whether they want (or can) make time for more regular meetings.