We need to build "trust" in this space and the fedivers

A lot of energy is currently lost in people #BLOCKING each others attempts to help.

And yes, sometimes this blocking is needed, but a lot of the time it is not helping.

TRUST can help mediate this for a better (or to put it bluntly, ANY) outcome, this is urgent.

Ideas please.

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Web of Reputation and Trust using different algorithms on top of a social graph.

We are building this into nostr. Perhaps there’s room for collaboration.

@hamishcampbell Can you be more specific?

If anyone is experiencing abuse, please flag or report and let the mod team handle it.


phwwww… the break down in “trust” is a problem, the #openweb is trust based, so this is a break-down of the #openweb itself, not a good path to be on, ideas please?

This is a path, but the Fediverse is people to people, thus built on trust relationships, here the is an understandable pushback on tech fixes to replace this human trust building, where in #nostor and #bluesky this tech fix path is more central to the projects.

The “debate” in fluff/spiky, we build (tech)bridges to cross this social diversity. A good outcome :slight_smile: