Web-based AP explorer thingy

It occurs to me that a few pieces of kepi’s tests could make the back end for a AP server-to-server web explorer tool. For example: you enter @username@host, the tool calls webfinger on host and validates it, etc, then looks up the user; it shows the collections they have available; you can browse them.

I could make this, but would it be duplicating work, and would it be useful? If there’s already something like this, I’d like to know, because it would make my life easier with kepi testing.

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Not exactly what you describe but close: https://json.blinry.org/

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Something like that! But with some validation.

@marnanel could you use a more descriptive title? Maybe “Is there a Web-based AP explorer, or should I make one?” … also there is a Testing category that may be a better fit for this topic.