Web of the people

Whether you think of web3 as the advent of peer-to-peer protocols, coin-operated blockchains or autocomplete-AI synthesizers, change is coming.

Yet I find myself unable to race along on the newest ride. Not because of some nostalgic attachment or fear of the unknown; I simply refuse to move on to the next thing until we’ve finished what we started. Before diving head-first into web3 and AI, I’m gonna take my sweet time settling into web2 and-a-half, i.e. what web2 could have been had it not been co-opted by careless tech bros and capital glut.

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hamishcampbell.com/2023/02/10/lets-take-a-fresh-look-at-openweb-history/ interesting to look at this, it raises the question of where the value is to grow from.

Was the value in #web02 which we should focus on building from, or was the value in #web01, than we need to focus on building from this culture.

#Web01](http://hamishcampbell.com/tag/web01/).5 refer to an intermediate stage between Web01 and Web02, marking a transition between the early and more experimental phase of the web and its more widespread commercial adoption. Web01.5 refers to a time when the web was still growing and evolving, but had already become more accessible and user-friendly, and was being adopted for more diverse purposes. With #mastodon and the #fedivers over the last 5 years, we are rebooting this web01.5 stage.”

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