What do we have working well on the Fediverse for threaded conversations?

To clarify this, am finding it increasingly hard to fallow threads on Mastodon, as meany people say there are parts missing and invisible subthreads, then before you notice vanished into the history hole and hard to get back.

What are better AP codebase options that work more like forums? Is the any way to do a database move to a different Fediverse codebase from Mastodon?

Is this an example of the scaling issues we need to think about?

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Lemmy, LemmyBB and soon (via plugins) Discourse too. Some Mastodon clients help with visualizing threads like FediLab.


There is also “Toot!” which has the best UI for threads that I have seen, so far. ‎Toot! for Mastodon on the App Store

I really like the colored lines to help me understand which post is a reply to whom.