What do you wish you knew when you joined the Fediverse?

Fom https://socialhub.network/t/what-do-you-wish-you-knew-when-you-joined-the-fediverse/636

a common story seems to be people hearing about mastodon, joining mastodon.social, and then eventually moving to a more niche mastodon/pleroma instance.

there are some good explainers of how the fediverse works, for instance the official “What is Mastodon?” video. but these are often technical explanations – they don’t say anything about the communities you can find.

tools like fediverse.network, fediverse.space or fediverse.party aim to give an overview of what the fediverse is. what do you wish you knew when you first joined the fediverse? are there any features/ideas that would’ve made it smoother or more appealing for you?