What is Expected Behavior POSTing to Inbox?

This is more of a “Server to Server to Client” question, but this feels like the best place for it.

I’m trying to implement very basic ActivityPub features in my Little Library (link to activitypub branch in GitHub) app that allows other accounts to Follow it so they can get updates in their timeline when a book is added or removed. So far, I have succeeded in Accepting incoming Follow requests and removing followers on Undo{Follow} and Delete activities, but I’m not sure if I’m sending my Create activities correctly because when I send it to the follower (my Mastodon account), it does not appear to show up in my Mastodon timeline at all.

The actual process involves running through a queue of followers and sending them the activity, but here are the most relevant lines of code in GitHub:

I’m not receiving any errors or anything after sending to my Mastodon inbox, but it’s not showing on my timeline like other messages. Am I missing something required to get it to show up in the follower’s timeline?

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I’m not seeing anything obviously incorrect here, you’ll have to look at the mastodon server logs for more information

Really? Well that’s slightly comforting… I don’t need to include the inbox I’m sending to in the to or cc or bcc field or anything like that? Would it help/hurt if I did?

I can’t easily look at the logs because I’m testing using live instances I don’t own like cybre.space and toot.cafe, but I guess I’ll have to figure out a good way to set one up to test with huh?

happy to look into the cybre.space logs for you when I get a second :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the thing you did with cc: followers should be sufficient? I’d have to look in more detail though.


Oh dang if you get a chance and you’re ok with it, it would be awesome if you could check the logs! The activities would be coming from https://ap2.library.alamantus.com/activitypub/actor and being sent to whatever the inbox is for @Alamantus@cybre.space is.