Where does everyone meet?

Hi there! I just stumbled across this when I was researching options for a federated digital identity for my company’s various metaverses (we host virtual events in Remo, Gather.town, Spot.xyz, SpatialChat, and a few other video-based, physical world simulation platforms.)

I am amazed by how many passionate people are here that it looks like are already working on what I’ve been dreaming up in my own little bubble/silo for about 3 years now.

Is this forum the best way to connect with the group or is there a mastadon / slack/ discord server?


Hi there, welcome Alex! Yes, this is a central spot where we discuss the technical ecosystem and evolution of the open standards that underly the Fediverse. But a lot of interaction and collaboration is also happening on the Fediverse itself, via the various microblogging apps, on Lemmy (FediverseFutures, Fediverse communities), a ton of Matrix chatrooms, as well as in the issue trackers of many of the projects (yes, it is all a bit dispersed and fragmented :blush: ).

SocialHub, however, is the place where your discussions and questions have long-time visibility and become part of an ‘archive’ of sorts.


For me SocialHub is some kind of fediverse homebase :wink:


Thanks!! Wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any of the action :slight_smile:

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Hey @lunchbreakhero - first post, nice to have you here.
We are formally organised in the W3C Social CG, see w3.org/community/SocialCG tracking Activity a bit or the SocialCG - W3C Wiki

We do also have monthly audio meetings. Sometimes each 2 weeks.
The next meeting is on Tuesday - the group made a voting for the weekday and decided to do “each 2nd TUE a month” …

It is announced in the first pinned post of this forum (or in the ‘Meeting’ category) and in the W3C groups calendar; see

We would like to have you in the TUE meeting.

Whoops! I missed this message in my inbox (a scary place). Is there some way to get notifications of future meetings?

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Yes, via the webcal: Calendar subscribe