Where to root my own vocabularies?

I am creating some ontologies that I will use for both my Denkario knowledge graph and for my Vocata ActivityPub server.

(In general, I will define ontologies for general RDF purposes, but I will make them compatible with AP as well.)

Where should I root these namespaces?

  • Under one of my own domains?
  • Under some umbrella others in the Fediverse are using?
  • Under my own domain, with a PURL redirect?
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probably a dedicated domain that you can trust to stay alive and unchanged for as long as possible. so far we seem to not have progressed beyond PURL services, so possibly have a look at w3id.org as they allow defining .htaccess rules which means you can do content negotiation on ld+json requests.

The question is not really technical; I can host and keep a domain for it without issues.

I mostly wonder how to help others find it in case they envision an application that could make use of it.

if you feel like a vocabulary you’ve developed is relevant to ap/fedi then you might consider an FEP that proposes adoption/usage of that vocab in fediverse implementations?