Would a specification of a Fediverse Note be a microblogging profile?

The data contained on Inputs Version 0.1.1 - Interoperability Data for the Fediverse describes what is currently allowed by the various microblogging applications in the Fediverse. One could now extract from it a document describing the allowed datastructure

  • inReplyTo must be a single element
  • id, attributedTo, content, and published should be present

And more questionable ones, tainted by where I want the Fediverse to go,

  • url, attachment, and tag can be lists containing blank nodes
  • replies, likes, shares, context can be a single element (like inReplyTo`)

Question: Would this be what people here call a microblogging profile? Or are people imaging something different under this term?


@helge In my view profiles should be succinct, just as you described.