YAML-LD: Draft by JSON for Linking Data W3C Community Group

Found via @acka47/openbiblio.social in this toot:

YAML-LD, Draft Community Group Report 05 July 2022


In recent years, YAML emerged as a more concise format to represent information serialized as JSON, including Linked Data. This document defines how to serialize linked data in YAML documents. Moreover, it registers the application/ld+yaml media type.

Nice idea.

But I think Linked Data needs to become compatible with plain old JSON to be more useful the modern (social) web

We shouldnt still be in the situation in 2022 where JSON-LD is one thing and linked data cant read regular JSON.

YAML-LD seems to be on the path of more formats, more confusion, more bugs.

A modern LD which doesnt care if it works with JSON or JSON-LD and has the advantages of both, I think is the way forward.

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