2020-04-25 SocialCG Meeting

See Wiki Page[1].

Current Topics

Mostly taken from Planning the next SocialCG meeting: when?

  1. the previous link was going to a day-specific wiki page, but these do not exist anymore: we use local topics similar to this one. ↩︎

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Hi, I’m working on a proto App on Solid using ActivityPub if someone interested in :blush:


I am in.

Regarding E2E Encryption, we have a nice enhanced SRP6a login module but interrupted the work completely a while ago to work on the map and C2S widgets and so this is more urgent.
Also would like quickly to talk about how to represent a group with an inbox.

We thought about how to activitypubify a whole map
@pukkamustard might think we sleep :wink: but this was what I worked on last days ;

While we can easily extract Place from e.g. a Collection a user might want to communicate lots of infos via the basemap and the layers, e.g. raster or vector tiles and so we wrote objects for the best of them to easily stick unique AP maps together.

btw: the linked Wiki Page is empty.


Yes, only @cwebber has wiki power over there. He’ll set it up ASAP™.

@Smag0 of course :slight_smile: Did you put it online already?

@Sebastian we’re onto something with @pukkamustard and maps, didn’t you receive my invitation some days ago?

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Yes look at the help here https://scenaristeur.github.io/agora/

For the moment, notifications are send here https://agora.solid.community/public/agora/inbox/ in a .ttl format but could be send in Json-ld somewhere if needed

We don’t edit the wiki page to do meeting announcements anymore. :slight_smile:

But I’ll see you all at the socialcg today!

Joining: https://www.w3.org/wiki/SocialCG#Participation_2

Oh snap, I missed it again :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’ll set up a reminder next time.