2021-01-23 SocialCG meeting - new fediverse users

Date: 2021-01-23T15:00:00Z

Topic: The wave of new fediverse users who have been displaced from centralized social media recently.

  • How should we handle culture changes, communities who provide bad content or harassment, moderation, etc.


Many people have things to say about this. If you are working or thinking and can prepare something to propose at the meeting, it can be really helpful to look for clear outcomes or next steps.

Feel free to discuss the topic in this thread (or other threads) and link to things you have written already here.

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Personally I started to think about how we can prepare by

  • limiting instance sizes
  • helping moderators
  • improving truth
  • building a federated governance structure


These are the things where Eunomia was funded to improve “information hygiene routines” in ActivityPub and the most popular decentralised social media networks.
I am just sad that now I do not find the word “ActivityPub” or “protocol” anywhere.

Also I am inviting Prof. Zuckerman:
“It would be pretty simple for Trump to set up a Mastodon node and slap his name on it, …”
Ethan Zuckerman, an associate professor of public policy, information and communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, tells Mic.

but please watch also his series “Reimagining the Internet”

and also stuff by themarkup.org like

Also leaving this here (by the main author of the bluesky report)

Thanks all! Minutes are here