2023-08-11 Special Topic Call – ActivityPub Interop Test Suite

Hi everyone,

There has been a significant amount of conversation, activity, and demand, regarding an interoperability test suite for ActivityPub (and related specs), to help new implementations and interop with existing ones. This includes several new in-progress test suites, as well as a fediverse Group for test related posts over at venera.social 🍀 | Activitypub Testsuite @ venera.social 🍀

The SocialWeb Community Group is hosting a Special Topic call on AP Interop Test Suite implementations, to introduce existing suites, and to discuss challenges, pain points and next steps, on Friday, August 11, at 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific / 6pm CET, at:

Jitsi Meet


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  4. ActivityPub Test Suite Discussion
    • (5-10 min) Presentation by Johannes Ernst on testing approaches
    • (5-10 min) Presentation by Bengo about in-progress test suite and data set
    • (5-10 min) Presentation by Helge on in-progress test suite and Testing the Fediverse resource
    • (5-10 min) Presentation/demo by Darius Kazemi on activitypub-tool
    • (remaining time) Discussion and next steps

Thank you,

The Chairs


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@codenamedmitri Is it enough to reply here that one intends to attend?

Second, I started collecting my testing related stuff at Testing the Fediverse

Oh, yeah, totally sufficient! (You don’t even have to do that much, just show up.)
That said, hey, do you want to take 5-10 min to present on the work you’ve been doing with the gherkin test cases, etc etc?

(That goes for everyone else too – we’ve got a couple time slots remaining if you want to present!)

Sure. I’ll prepare something…

Updated original post to include agenda.

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I think a derivative question from @eprodrom comment at the beginning “Is ActivityStreams in scope?” would be:

How do we test an object is valid for the content type application/activity+json?

Maybe somebody should attempt to revive GitHub - w3c-social/activitystreams-validator: validator for AS2 URLs and uploaded data

Moved due to posting in wrong thread.

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