A Federated space for movie buffs.

Greetings folks. Recently, I was introduced to Fediverse / ActivityPub by one of my mates, and I was thrilled and a little overwhelmed by the scope of this tech. I mainly work on the Front-end side of web development, and I`m considering building a federated web app similar to Letterboxd. This web app would include several features, allowing users to:

  • Keep track of watched and to-watch movies/TV shows.
  • Create and share watch lists.
  • Engage in episode/season-wise discussions and reviews.

There is an old thread regarding this idea from early '22. However, the website doesn`t have any content on it.

Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions.


Hi! I am the one who posted the original thread you mentioned. I would definitely love to join!

I am planning to learn Python, but so far I know very little. Count me in and feel free to get in touch!

All the best,

edit: I am quite full until the end of August, maybe we could plan a videocall at the beginning of September with those who are interested.

@XeO3 welcome to SocialHub :wave:

I’ve seen the idea discussed many times on the Fediverse and quite a few people stating their interest in it. Unfortunately all these threads long lost in arcane timeline lore.

You might describe a #FediverseIdea for it as a rallying point for interested folks, at:

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Thank you, both.
@tommi, I`ll include you in further discussions around it.

@aschrijver, I`ll add it as an open issue there in a few days.


If you get far enough along to create a git repo for this effort, please post the link here. I may be interested in participating, time permitting.


Hi XeO3,
I’ve been thinking about making a federated movie discussion forum too. Many years ago, I started the “Internet Film Club” with some other guys on IMDb, when the database still had individual discussion boards for each movie. At some point, they closed the boards, and the film club moved to Facebook with general discussion.
Anyway, I’ve been wondering if there could be an approach where each film could be “mentioned” for re-posting and allow subscriptions. They could either be as a hashtag or a virtual ‘user’ (bot). This way, I could look up a film, say “The Matrix”, on a central site, and then see all comments/discussions/reviews related to it. And users could tag like “the_matrix AT federated film forum DOT org” on any service and have it appear.
I don’t know if this makes sense with your idea, but I would love to hear how this evolves.

I think there could be a fork of Bookwyrm, which does the same for books. I hope someone will create that someday!

I guess Inventaire.io has some plans to use WikiData and go beyond books. Movies might interest them surely.

I mean, bookwyrm is specialized in books, but for Inventaire it’s only one step.

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