Fediverse platform for Movies!

I love the Fediverse and I love cinema :popcorn:, I don’t think I am the only one…
I am surprised nobody has realized a Fediverse software for movies, yet!

I am tired of IMDb, and any other alternative is centralized, proprietary software.

What I think could be done is to develop a fork of Bookwyrm with the same features, but some key differences that make it the go-to solution for tracking movies you want to watch and that you watched, as well as sharing your thoughts with your friends. I already emailed Mouse Reeve, Bookwyrm’s creator and main maintainer, about this possibility.

I am keeping notes concerning this idea:

Unfortunately, even though I am a Fediverse enthusiast and I cannot stop talking about it with everybody, I am no developer and I cannot practically start working on this, also because my time is too limited to work on such a software. Nevertheless, I hope writing this post could inspire somebody to code something and start a Fediverse platform for movies! :heart_eyes:

Of course I am available for anything else concerning the project: website creation, marketing, bug testing and community moderation, etc.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Happy holidays,
Tommi :exploding_head:


Crowd sourced alternative to IMDB


Thanks for sharing, but TMDb is centralized! Furthermore, its catalogue is not very rich and you cannot import titles from other databases.

Lastly, it is not open source… how can I know that it is truly community-driven if the source code is not publicly available?

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I didnt realize this

They do data dumps, so maybe we should make an open version

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The problem could be is image rights for movies, pictures of actors, logos etc. While common sense would say we are using these assets for the common good to promote / inform people about movie information. The image right holders seem to not understand fair usage or common sense, and would, in what it seems some cases reach for the hotline to their lawyer before looking at something in context.

I do support the idea you are proposing though, sounds good.

There is a section on Trunk for movies


could be a good place to star,t with this.


Referencing my toot on the subject, where various fedizens gave nice feedback.