About Hash2Pub

a fully-decentralised relay for global hashtag federation

It allows querying and subscribing to all posts of a certain hashtag and is implemented in Haskell.

The implementation is work-in-progress.

Use this category for architecture discussions, implementation considerations and later on for support requests or bug reports.

The code is still developed in a closed repo until ready.

More about the project

I proposed my decentralised architecture of AP relays at ActivityPubConf 2019. For further information about it take a look at my talk there (30min) or take a look at the full paper.

What license do you intend to release the code under?

“Release early, release often”!

The code will be licensed under the AGPL-3 once published.

I finally published the code: https://git.orlives.de/schmittlauch/Hash2Pub

Be aware that this is heavily WIP, badly documented and does not serve any real purpose yet, as not even the DHT functionality is completely implemented yet.

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