About the Software category

Also “MoodleNet” is missing!

Is there someone here from MoodleNet?

@mayel I think: I saw his post about CommonsPub, which was a project started by the MoodleNet team :smiley_cat:

Could you please add a subcategory for SkoHub? See https://skohub.io for information of the project.

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Welcome @acka47! Please head to #software:skohub and fix what needs fixing (also the SkoHub group, and please tell a color and logo when you have it.)

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Thanks! We don’t have a real logo yet but we can use this one for now: https://github.com/hbz/skohub-extension/tree/master/src/icons

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Would appreciate a category for Zap. An icon is available at


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@acka47, @macgirvin your categories are ready. Sorry for the delay!

@staff Can you please set up a new category for #software:Hash2Pub, the hashtag store and subscription relay I’m working on? I’d like to document my progress here.

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@schmittlauch you’re on: please edit About Hash2Pub and eventually communicate a short description, color, and URL to the project so I can update the group :slight_smile:

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Hello @staff. Can we have a new category for openEngiadina?

An icon is available here: https://gitlab.com/openengiadina/etc/-/blob/master/logo/sgraffito.svg


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@pukkamustard you now have a group, the #software:openengiadina category and you can edit About openEngiadina. It’s a rad project BTW.

Wordpress Plug-ins and MoodleNet are still missing…

Indeed @Emphack, this is because nobody stepped up from their team to take care of the category – nor were they contacted AFAIK, and nobody from our community stepped up to become @software.hosts. So there’s nobody to handle the case. I would be happy to have pages for software whose developers are not around (yet), but it’s work, and if nobody volunteers, it will happen as #todo topics are resolved. @staff cannot and should not do everything in a community, don’t you agree?

Ok for MoodleNet but what about WordPress plug-ins? It involves many projects and I can manage it if you like: I’ve proposals that I want to discuss to put inside.

This for example should stay there:

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@Emphack, I added it to my tasks for tomorrow’s meeting. I see @pfefferle is here, so this part should be fine (especially if he wants you to take care of it :wink:). What’s up with MoodleNet?

Hello, can I have a category for Smithereen?

Icon: https://github.com/grishka/Smithereen/blob/3771f767e8f6cf81d06cfe68bc22efca60e1ae7a/logo.svg

Thank you!

Hi there!

A category for Hubzilla (https://hubzilla.org) would be appreciated too :smiley:

Hubzilla is a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework and provides useful community organisation tools (events, files, wikis, etc.). It provides Activitypub as an addon for staying in touch with our friends in fedi.


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Weclome @Mario, thank you for coming! You’re on: #software:hubzilla and @hubzilla are yours.

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