About the SocialCG category

Announcing, discussing, and keeping track of SocialCG meetings.


SocialCG meetings happen on IRC and Mumble. The agenda is available on the SocialCG wiki. You can mark your intention to attend by clicking the “going” button on the meeting topic; you can register your presence during the IRC meeting once it’s started by typing: present+.

  • IRC: connect to the #social channel on irc.w3.org.
  • Mumble: connect to dustycloud.org on default port with the password indicated on the SocialCG wiki.


Please refer to the #runbook.


Upcoming meeting topics are the place to bring discussion points to the agenda.

Keeping track

The agenda shows upcoming meeting topics, the calendar can be subscribed to with iCal and RSS.

You may also use the topic tracking feature to change your notification level:

  • m, t Track topic
  • m, w Watch topic