Last Tasks Before Launch

Continuing the discussion from Things to be done before announcing the forum:

Since @nightpool noticed that editing the wiki is restricted because of so many mentions, I’ll fix it here and provide a shorter one to enable easier collaboration…

This is a wiki.



  • install SSH key on server for root people
  • find volunteers for
  • find volunteers for activitypub.hosts
  • find volunteers for software.hosts


Wrap up

  • Restore settings

All right, we should be done by next Monday if all goes well™. Please step up if you can help!

How about projects not published yet?
For description, status, looking for comrades …
Like with

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Done! It’s #software:redaktor-me sure to the conversion of periods to dashes. Feel free to edit the group and category description. Again I’m on mobile, so no images.

Cool. Will do soon.
Can’t make tags. Could you do a tag “Help” within “Community” to post stuff like grants ?

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You can create tags when you create a topic. Can’t you?

I guess a #grant or #funding tag would be more appropriate than #help.

Yes, worked. See e.g. grant post
btw :
I would go for “release early” and lauch even if it is not ready yet.
Or may I invite all conf attendees which are not here yet now?

Yes please invite people. We can leave @cwebber a chance to catch up, and launch as soon as we have his and Serge’s topics, or at 50 users, or on an arbitrary date, say 15th, whichever comes first.

  • Launch now
  • Launch when Chris is ready
  • Launch on the 15th of October
  • Launch at 50 users
  • Launch at another date

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@yabirgb I added the color and logo to #software:anfora.

Can you please update About Anfora

We’re live, but the todo list has some remaining items. :slight_smile:

So if it’s your first time here, you’re welcome to step up!

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Check the #todo tag for the remaining topic descriptions to flesh out.

If you are a software developer and want to list your software in #software, reply to About the Software category with the few information needed (name, color, icon, etc., please refer to other categories in software – also think about whether you want everyone to post there, or want your team to retain full control).

We still need volunteers to populate the and the software.hosts (both “roles” are currently taken by the admins…).