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Discover and discuss ActivityPub implementations of all sizes and shapes.

Each free[1] software can have its own sub-category (ask @staff or reply here).

You can use tags to find more details about:


  1. free as in free speech: no proprietary software allowed here. Don’t even bother wasting our time. ↩︎

2 posts were split to a new topic: How to use tags in the Software category?

Also “MoodleNet” is missing!

Is there someone here from MoodleNet?

@mayel I think: I saw his post about CommonsPub, which was a project started by the MoodleNet team :smiley_cat:

Could you please add a subcategory for SkoHub? See https://skohub.io for information of the project.

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Welcome @acka47! Please head to #software:skohub and fix what needs fixing (also the SkoHub group, and please tell a color and logo when you have it.)

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Thanks! We don’t have a real logo yet but we can use this one for now: https://github.com/hbz/skohub-extension/tree/master/src/icons

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Would appreciate a category for Zap. An icon is available at


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@acka47, @macgirvin your categories are ready. Sorry for the delay!

@staff Can you please set up a new category for #software:Hash2Pub, the hashtag store and subscription relay I’m working on? I’d like to document my progress here.

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@schmittlauch you’re on: please edit About Hash2Pub and eventually communicate a short description, color, and URL to the project so I can update the group :slight_smile:

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Hello @staff. Can we have a new category for openEngiadina?

An icon is available here: https://gitlab.com/openengiadina/etc/-/blob/master/logo/sgraffito.svg


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@pukkamustard you now have a group, the #software:openengiadina category and you can edit About openEngiadina. It’s a rad project BTW.

Wordpress Plug-ins and MoodleNet are still missing…

Indeed @Emphack, this is because nobody stepped up from their team to take care of the category – nor were they contacted AFAIK, and nobody from our community stepped up to become @software.hosts. So there’s nobody to handle the case. I would be happy to have pages for software whose developers are not around (yet), but it’s work, and if nobody volunteers, it will happen as #todo topics are resolved. @staff cannot and should not do everything in a community, don’t you agree?

Ok for MoodleNet but what about WordPress plug-ins? It involves many projects and I can manage it if you like: I’ve proposals that I want to discuss to put inside.

This for example should stay there:

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@Emphack, I added it to my tasks for tomorrow’s meeting. I see @pfefferle is here, so this part should be fine (especially if he wants you to take care of it :wink:). What’s up with MoodleNet?

Hello, can I have a category for Smithereen?

Icon: https://github.com/grishka/Smithereen/blob/3771f767e8f6cf81d06cfe68bc22efca60e1ae7a/logo.svg

Thank you!