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WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started.

This category is about the integration of ActivityPub into WordPress.

There is no “official” WordPress plugin, but several projects instead. Let us know if you are working on an implementation.



ActivityPub for WordPress

Pterotype (no longer maintained)

Federated WordPress blogging via ActivityPub


Hello there !

I just installed your plugin, but comments are not shared yet and you can’t choose the number of words, or a custom tagline for the Activitypub post.
Could you give us a roadmap of the plugin development @pfefferle ?

Thank you.

Hey @Choucroute!

The comments will be shared only one way (comments on you posts on mastodon & co. will be sent to your blog), but there is currently an issue, that moves most of the comments to the “trash”. Can you verify this?

You can choose to use the excerpt as content for your toots, so you can start using that. The limitation of a number of words, really only works for plain text, otherwise it can become very complex, because I have to be sure that a stripped text does not break the HTML DOM.

There is currently no real roadmap, but I try to start implementing the issues with the most feedback on GitHub or in the forum here.

Do you miss a specific feature?

Could you support direct messages from Mastodon ?

And another request: I would like to share user details like roles with the rest of the Fediverse, so when someone writes an article/DM, the Fediverse knows if he’s an admin or another role. Is it possible ?
Could it be partial, with only the DMs revealing a user role ?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Choucroute

DM messages are planned and @MediaFormat has started the development: https://github.com/pfefferle/wordpress-activitypub/pull/95 :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure how to provide a role model system. Should it be part of the description or as part of mastodons “Profile metadata”?

Thanks for your feedack!

I’m new to activityPub, but I think it works with json-ld, right ?
So I guess you could specify the roles in the json activitystream file, with an attribute “role”, under “author”. We could imagine something like this :

 {"@context": "https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams",
   "type": "Create",
   "id": "https://chatty.example/ben/p/51086",
   "to": ["https://social.example/alyssa/"],
   "inReplyTo": "https://social.example/alyssa/posts/49e2d03d-b53a-4c4c-a95c-94a6abf45a19",
   "author": "https://chatty.example/ben/",
   "role": "admin",
   "object": {"type": "Note",
              "id": "https://chatty.example/ben/p/51085",
              "attributedTo": "https://chatty.example/ben/",
              "to": ["https://social.example/alyssa/"],
              "content": "<p>Argh, yeah, sorry, I'll get it back to you tomorrow.</p>
                          <p>I was reviewing the section on register machines,
                             since it's been a while since I wrote one.</p>"}}

Sure, you can extend the role, but then no other plattform will interpret/display it (at least for now). Can you explain your plans with the user role?

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I want to make a Discord python bot that uses ActivityPub. You would have to ping him to get your Discord role, only if you have the wordpress role. That’s why I need the role

I forgot to mention that I can’t do it manually because I have ~ 3k users to promote (my Wordpress has premium contents)

Not sure if it’s the best place for this, but I need to drop the idea somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a feature I think would greatly broaden usability and encourage implementation of the ActivityPub plugin, translating to more content being pushed into the Fediverse: a lot of pages on Wordpress (possibly most?) are not personal blogs, but sites of groups, collectives, companies and other organizations. That means possibly a lot of authors (for example one of my collectives would have ~10), that are sometimes far more interested in broadcasting as a single stream, than individually. And that goes both ways; if I only follow some people on a page, I might not notice new ones. Option of a shared feed for all of the authors, or maybe even per category would be very helpful here.
I can imagine this would come with it’s own set of complications, but the potential of turning over, for example, NGO’s, being content generators extremely interested in direct contact with supporters, on to fediverse would be massive. It would both encourage them to properly run their websites, and show them there’s life outside of corporate networks, all with nearly no overhead for them.


Hi pfefferle! Have you done any thought already about designing tools to integrate AP with a Buddypress based Wordpress installation? I feel like this might have a large impact, perhaps even moreso than with individual blogs.

There are Buddypress sites that are dedicated to open source academics or “digital humanities” , a good example is hcommons.org or my personal passion project, poetry.garden – for decentralized literature publishing.

The customization that wordpress offers – templating, themes, etc… – to Buddypress social media networks, would quickly make it a powerful force in popularizing the fediverse, I believe – as it would open doors for the increased accessibility for developping unique products on the Fediverse network.

I am using your plugin on my site already, and I am working on trying to modify it for a Buddypress installation, but running into some major challenges. I plan to continue working on it, and I would be delighted at the opportunity to collaborate with anybody on here.

Thank you!

Hi guys,

I just managed to have my WordPress 5.7.2 + PHP 7.3.24 (@pch_xyz@pchxyz.dscloud.mobi) to federate with a Mastodon instance. After that, I found the profile wouldn’t update when I check it on liker.social and g0v.social despite the post showed up on the former but not on the latter, and I couldn’t follow @pch_xyz@pchxyz.dscloud.mobi from my Misskey instance misskey.seediqbale.xyz, nor can I follow it from other Misskey/Pleroma instances, they showed processing / awaiting for approval although the identifier info is in the Followers (Fediverse) tab ubder wp-admin. Also tried saving permanent links and using Webfinger plugin for the WordPress but they don’t work.

Any suggestions?

[UPDATE] I can see post from Misskey and Pleroma now, maybe it just takes longer. However, profile iscstill not up to date, and the follow request is not accepted.