Beyond CMS. Towards federated Content Publishing Services

(This post was a reaction to Meeting notes for prep call EC Webinar 19 April and moved to its own topic)

One remark:

redaktor is not Domain specific.
In the concept of redaktor, a “Website” you publish to is just a Service Actor.
We call Services where we can post to “channel”.
Also e.g. twitter or a SOLID pod is a channel.
[[ Note to @aveltens Thanks so much for the SOLID meeting, it is me who failed, got no funding at all, so did not reply anymore, sorry. ]]

You have an instance from 1 - 40.000 - as in most “Social Networks” you are presented whith the stream, the content of the people you follow.
You can see this part (without navigation etc.) in the repo in card/Cards or in my Talk at 23:00 ff.
This is like mastodon but for all the types !

The times where a “CMS” was used just for “websites” are long gone.
I invite you to Hamburg and show you customized solutions of Der Spiegel or Die Zeit and then we go to Mainz and look at ZDF.
Or have a look at modern “content creators” (when did this profession appear and now they are followed by millions):
The “CMS” here serves social experiences in the first place, then mobile use and news for the first and Video/Images for ZDF. Especially “all official imagery, interconnected, easily navigable”, the sense of a CMS.
Btw: You named Drupal, they are the best – and they should have their 20th anniversary soon, let’s congrat :wink:

This is why we are seeking funding for a team of 8 people and why we started student master thesis projects at Universities across Europe. Now I will tell e.g. Dr. Henderson that it needs to wait, sad …

the themes which users can use will be designed by real designers of Europes Leading Magazines (this is where I worked 30 years). So, this fits “News & Articles” better.
Similar for Drupal, btw!
A CMS is not domain specific (except the silly ones …)

A concrete example, redaktor adds on top of the stream
• realtime filtering, searching and sorting
• different views (cards, rows, quarz [used here in discourse])

Now you select only type “Image” and search, then your last named “Domain” would be fullfilled (yes, redaktor does support industry leading metadata like IPTC, Dublin Core, XMP etc. pp. - this is what I had to use each day for 30 years so that my photos are now findable in the CMS of Getty Images Editorial or other agencies syndicating print magazine content …)
But a normal user does not need the “Advanced”, only ActivityPub.

The idea of ActivityPub was to be the opposite of “Domain Specific”.
We should build new Domains while being liberal in what we accept !!!
“Domain Specific”. is a word to me which allows hypercapitalistic surveillance monopolies to define a target for advertisers.
Especially “Use cases for Administrations” must be non domain specific. When I built this within days, nobody knew what the pandemic will bring:

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Thanks for pointing to the distinction. You are right of course. I’d say the domain is “Publishing” to whatever channel you can imagine.

(I typed these notes very fast. In the past I’ve build CMS’es, before there were packaged softwares, then later developed on top of a number of products such as Tridion and Alfresco. Our primary channel was Print and Catalogue publishing. This was for the late Roto Smeets, at the time one of the biggest printers in Europe)

I’d say the domain is “Publishing” –
Yay! Like the Pub in ActivityPub :wink:

Maybe we need a new word for CMS (like CCS or Content Creation System) …
Reacted a bit cranky cause it seems, eurocrats do like to put people in “drawers”.
Michiel Leenars of nlnet said to me last week: “We never fund CMS”.

Now researching if that is “OK” under the remit of grant agreement No 825322 …

I would like to get rid of “System” as well. It is too technical sounding. Maybe “Content Publishing Services” (CPS) or even “Information Publishing Services” (IPS). And you might also add the word “Universal” in front of both.

I see. “Content Publishing Service” sounds fine.
Probably just adding a pretended “blockchain” would do the trick as well :wink:


Roto Smeets

So, probably the most cost-critical CMSes in the Publishing Industry.
I can’t imagine anything more expensive than a Roto standing still.
Sad to see them go.
I think, NL closed down already and just in these days Bertelsmann Germany puts them out of service (Nuremberg).

Yes, Bertelsmann were big competitors. Parts of Roto do still exist, e.g. Senefelder Misset. The whole online internet thing has been a true killer for the print world business in general.

Yep, I know.
Senefelder is just 60km away from my home. But I do also know Doetinchem for other reasons.

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oh, sorry to hear that. Thanks for the update anyway and better luck for next time!