Creating a template for software implementation categories

The idea is to have, for each software implementation, a sub-category here. Each category comes with a pinned topic that would be a generic “identification card” for the project, maintained by the project’s team.

Many such projects already have their own community space, and won’t maintain presence here beyond that “identification card”.

Others will benefit from having a strong presence here and use the category for their own community.

This topic is to define the template that could be used across projects to create a consistent “identification card”.

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Rather than documentation (or in addition to), I would rather see a link to the normative dialect documentation. There is no standard way to extend ActivityPub (or at least describe them) yet, but having at least a link to the section in the documentation that best describes it would be interesting.


Server implementations could also provide a list of a few live instances (potentially demo instances).

I don’t know if it is for the forum, but it would be nice having the card data in a machine-readable format too at some point.

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I guess @tao would be providing that on (see #fediversity).

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