Things to be done before announcing the forum

Moved to #uncategorized so that everyone can see it, as there’s no staff yet :slight_smile:

Welcome to the new SocialHub, @staff member!

First, please read Welcome to SocialHub. Please reply here so we can discuss changes…

Before we can open the forum, there are a few things to be done:

This is a wiki

@thebaer would you like a #software category for WriteFreely? We’re still in the process of Creating a template for software implementation categories

Who else is around who wants to populate that category?

@how I don’t think we’ll be able to maintain a presence for the project here and on our own forum, but I’m happy to help that category get up and running in any other ways I can, if needed.

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One thing to keep in mind, @thebaer and all, is that if you already have a community space, this category will only provide an “ID card” for your project, and redirect interested people to the right places. We can setup the category, populate the category description with the relevant information (to be determined by the upcoming template) and set the permissions to read-only for everyone, except for your team if you want to use it later – in the future, you could be able to federate your own forum’s announcement topics to this category.

So no worries, I am only trying to provide some kind of inviting directory.

Mastodon already has, I don’t think we should have a software:mastodon category here. I’m just here for federation discussion.

As a piece of general feedback: this seems like a lot of to-do items. I think getting feedback earlier is better, and the social cg community feels like it would be better served by a less-fully-polished forum now rather then a more polished forum later. Also this just seems like a lot of structure and I think it just makes more sense to build some of these things out (groups, teams, etc) once there’s a need for them.


I’m also happy to volunteer for moderator or admin positions as necessary to help shepherd things, chris and gargron and others can vouch for me, or any of the users on the mastodon servers I co-admin:

You did not read Creating a template for software implementation categories

Ah, you’re right, I missed that topic. Although I’m still not sure I understand the value of an “identification card”? Who’s the intended audience?

I guess people who come here will be one of:

  • existing ActivityPub developers
  • interested developers
  • prospecting sysadmins
  • interested Fediverse users and community managers
  • investors/funders, Press, random people

I would imagine an “id card” that would include:

  • what the software is about
  • language and license info
  • a bit of branding
  • team info
  • where is:
    • the source code
    • documentation
    • communication channels including security reports and announcement feeds
    • community norms

Others might want to keep an announcement topic – actually, I’m waiting for the moment when you can federate your announcement feed here :slight_smile:

That makes sense, but i’m not prepared to be the “public face” of Mastodon in that way here, and I don’t think I should be the topic owner. I’m not here in a public relations capacity, only in a federation and interoperability capacity. Please remove my name from the topic. (Although i’m happy to have the Mastodon icon and the Mastodon team badge).

Would you find another team member who would “own” that post? The idea is that your team handles it so that you can makes relevant changes whenever you like. In the meantime I’ll give it to the system user.

Please update the wiki and I can sort you out. I’d you want root you should send me an ed25519 public let for SSH (PM me)

I tried editing the wiki, but I got the error “you can only mention 10 users in a post”. I’d like to have root, admin and be on the contact email for bus-factor reasons, and to share the maintenance load. I’m also down to volunteer for the activitypub.hosts group, although the category description mentions a “ActivityPub SIG”, and I’ve never heard of that—i’d like to understand what it is before volunteering for it :smiley:

The groups page also has a SocialCG group but there’s no corresponding item in the Wiki—I’m happy to volunteer for that as well.

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@nightpool you’re now admin and owner of the contact group.

At APConf, in the community session, we discussed the relation between this forum, the SocialCG, and the W3C in general. People familiar with the W3C processes suggested that the correct term to use when referring to a group that is part of a larger Community Group would be called a Special Interest Group. The attention was to not hijack the SocialCG, while still provide a dedicated space for ActivtyPub-relevant conversation.

This is not a group, but the #meeting:socialcg category, dedicated to announcing the SocialCG meetings.

@thebaer: Since you have several software projects, would you like a single overarching group (e.g., or one per project? And would you like a single WriteFreely category, or also one for your other products?

I meant this group:


Since your original post said that groups with “system” should be populated. I’m fine either way though!

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Ack. So that’s actually the meeting.hosts group.

We still need some people to fill in roles in

  • activitypub.hosts
  • community.hosts
  • software.hosts

Since software.hosts is kind of repetitive and simple, I can do it, but it would be much better if someone else would be able to do it. I can write a runbook for adding new software and teams.

@Sebastian could you ping Chris and Serge so they register and start the topic they’re supposed to bring about OCAP and Datashards?


fill in roles

How about pinging the people from ?

I added myself to activitypub.hosts and software.hosts, and I added @sebastian to meeting.hosts as per his request

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I think the way that sub-categories show up on that page with their own set of team members is kind of confusing—do you know if there’s a way to customize that? Went poking around in the discourse options and didn’t see one immediately