Fedi Flyers

DSFGS ‘Fair Go’ designed these nice flyers –

thank you @dsfgs@activism.openworlds.info
If anyone has comments or wishes reach out to dsfgs in the fediverse …

Related to Fediverse logo or icon proposal

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
by DSFGS at activism.openworlds.info/@dsfgs

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i am very concerned with “privacy by design” being a highlight here. most fediverse servers have very little in terms of functional privacy controls. doing privacy right, in the scope of ActivityPub, is difficult if you wish to be compatible with the current implementations.

And privacy for viewing anything is next to impossible because you inevitably trust other servers to enforce it correctly and their admins to not look into the database.

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Update: An updated version is available and I’ll add it soon together with some own variations after playing around a bit.

Everybody: Please not that this is OpenSource (repo in top blog post) and CC, so:
You can modify the svg sources like however you want your flyers to be …