FediDocs let's bundle forces, and not fragment further!

@gabek @j12t as I just tooted very happy to see such active chat channel. But wow, what an info overload in short order and the channel has only just started. I also posted a poll about Matrix threaded UI, which I personally find a UX horror show. A chat just isn’t a forum.

But biggest danger of chat from my experience is that it is too low-barrier, and everyone gives their valuable insights there, but not where these insights should be eventually collected. That chore is left for the maintainers (both of you?) to do and continuously remember other to please do too.

In over a 100 chatrooms I’m in, there’s only a handful where this isn’t a huge problem. The GoToSocial dev channel is an example where they manage to keep a good rhythm of creating Issues/PR’s in line with flow of the chat. But that’s within a single project, so easier to manage.

Cohesion of the Grassroots Fediverse

SocialHub FediDocs forum category?

But here we have the SocialHub… developer community for the Fediverse, active for many years. Running the best and feature-rich forum software out there to manage lotsa information well. Discourse software that is about to get federation support, and SocialHub will be beta testers of that.

With FediDocs a separate thing, while a great initiative (I’m all for it), attention in our small dev community is once again dilluting, attention dispersed, and information fragmenting, repeated topics and reinvention of wheels.

Please consider having a (top-level?) forum section here, and create topical threads and wiki posts to your hearts content. Have some FediDev folks join as moderators and admins. And we might consider all kinds of plugins to integrate with other channels (code forge, matrix, etc). CC @how

Join Fediverse organization on Codeberg?

I already created an issue in the FediDocs tracker that explains this. What would it entail?

Codeberg is based on forgejo.org and very similar to Github. Importantly Forgejo is fully dedicated to become a federated forge, based on #software:forgefed specs, while Github is fully dedicated to EEE the entire dev toolchain into their walled garden platform. Github is the opposite of the Fediverse, where they are headed. And forgefed.org and related ecosystem maybe represents the most exciting space for the future of the Fediverse.

TL;DR: There’s significant fragmentation going on of efforts by the still very small fedi developer community, and there’s great opportunity to bring some cohesion while retaining all the grassroots resilience of independent efforts working side-by-side and cross-pollinating.

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I’m fine with having a ‘more open’ space on Matrix. But I don’t think it makes sense to use Matrix as a forum, unless you re-implement Discourse features over the Matrix protocol.

There’s also the possibility to send new topic notifications to a Matrix room. Or integrate a Matrix room in Discourse chat. Do we need chat?

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I don’t think we need chat some kind of SocialHub branded chat. I support strengthening and improving SocialHub as a Discourse instance.

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This proposal is not to broaden the scope of the SocialHub and ‘absorb’ FediDocs, but rather to create ties between two independent initiatives: SocialHub and FediDocs. Where FediDocs for instance might use a forum category to collect user stories / use cases and discuss them. Or keep that on Github (or Codeberg) and have other discussions here. Whether there’s a need for a chatroom is up to FediDocs initiative. They remain independent.

I asked them this:

@andypiper@macaw.social @fedidevs@venera.social @fedidevs@a.gup.pe

Have you noticed this is exactly what the 5-year-old https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/ is about - can you explain what this new space adds please?

Hope you can help, as It’s hard to see #nothingnew #blocking #NGO


Likly more useful to see this as http://hamishcampbell.com/2022/11/15/ Two different world views and how they can relate in less messy ways, good to remember that #Fediforum are the non “native” peoples coming into an existing “commons”

For less mess, it’s good not to push Imperialism - Wikipedia too hard over this #4opens space, without thinking about the damage this can do. I understand it’s hard to see this as an issue - but it obviously is one :slight_smile:

It’s a welcoming space, just a heads-up to try the native paths before pushing paths you might be more used to.

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