Fediverse Futures implementer usergroup

At today’s SocialCG meeting, we talked about doing a “future of the fediverse” usergroup that meets maybe every other week or once a month or so. It would take place over video and be like the following:

  • An implementer gives a half hour presentation on some topic: what they’re working on, an idea on where things should go, etc.
  • Then the next half hour is fellow implementers discussing details of making that happen.

Note that this is different than the SocialCG, which has a broader range and is less implementation-details-oriented sometimes. This group would specifically, specifically, be about implementation details.

Who is interested? We need to pick a time and select a video chat URI. Then we should start talking about “first topics”!

A few of us unofficially did something like this recently and it went well; I talked about a roadmap for the fediverse… there were only three of us, and we thought it was such a good format we should do it more often. If nobody else has a “first topic”, maybe I could do a repeat of that for those who missed it. But I’m open to other first topics too!

Bit first I should ask: who is interested and would want to attend?


Sounds great :raising_hand_man:
A good first topic might be an overview of current implementations, not necessarily of apps but rather of what activity/object types and fields (incl. extensions) have been implemented and how they’re used, and discussing an approach to documenting that to help current and future implementers be more interoperable.


Sounds like a good idea, I’d be happy to attend

Also very happy to attend.

Yes please! This is more relevant to my interests than SocialCG as I really prefer to talk about specifics.