Fediverse Futures is now on Lemmy 😃

Brainstorming space on Lemmy

I am very pleased to announce that #fediversity:fediverse-futures now has a presence on Lemmy:

Copying the welcoming post here:

Hi there fellow fedizen, it is great to see you in this community :blush:

Why did I create this space, you ask? Well, first of all because Lemmy rocks of course, and I wanted to be part of the fun.

This community will focus on the future of the fediverse mostly. Because our potential is humongous and remains largely untapped. Fedi has come a long way, and has explored ‘doing social media differently’. Free, libre and open software, a great online culture, tremendous diversity and wonderful people.

It is time to go beyond microblogging and - like Lemmy and other splendid apps - go way further in the realm of possiblities. The dream of Fediverse Futures is …

“Social Media Reimagined”

Yeah, that’s right. We should go wild in exploring what is possible. Dream our most beautiful dreams, and cooperatively work on materializing them. Make them real.

In this space we’ll brainstorm and ideate, letting our imagination run free. This community is a companion to Fediverse Futures that exists at SocialHub. This community is non-technical at heart. It is for everyone dreaming fedi dreams.

Visionary ideas discussed here, can be taken further on the SocialHub forum to be elaborated and further flesh them out with more technical discussion.

The idea of Lemmy Community vs. SocialHub Community is a transfer of ideas along the following lines:

Update: Help spread the news and Boost the Announcement   :pray: