Fediverse logo or icon proposal


A figure raising a hand would be a very cool abstract form of the constellation of nodes!

But before we get to that, there’s a fierce discussion on the Fedi toot, about whether or not to just stick with what we already have (see root of thread). Ended inconclusive with a proposal in this toot by @eudaimon:

Maybe a good first step would be to launch a poll about the original logo, try to spread it as much as possible in the Fediverse to get the maximum number of opinions. If it looks people accept it, then there is probably no need to change it, even if we can think of “objectively better” options.
This is how I see the issue, at least…
What options could such a poll include? Is a Mastodon poll correctly handled in other softwares?

Note that, if we decide to stick with the current logo, the new design by @eudaimon (which I find personally more appealing) may be still be used, but for a particular fedi application (I am thinking for a fedi platform that can be used for many purposes, like e.g. @cjs Go-Fed, which I believe is still looking for one) if Eudaimon consents to that.


More slogans have been suggested in the toot thread

By @r3vlibre:

Fediverse : By the People, for the People

By @Venema:

(Better use bold, than capitals.)

By @dsfgs:

“Social media: DECENTRALISED”, or “Social media, without being centralised”

By @humanetech (me):

Fediverse: Boundless. Freedom.
Fediverse: People. Humanity. One.
Fediverse: Social Reimagined
Fediverse: Socialspace at last

By @lostinlight:

Fediverse: The future of social
Fediverse: Dare to decentralize
Fediverse: The Rebel’s Spirit
Fediverse: Back to basics
Fediverse: For clever people
Fediverse: Connecting nerds
Fediverse: For Inventers and Idealists
Fediverse: pa-para-papam. I’m fixin’ it
Fediverse: Providing choices

Design by committee will lead you… Nowhere.

Honestly I think that the original Fediverse logo proposal is well-established and properly identified. I’m not sure we need anything else!


Thanks @how. There’s no ‘good’ way in this regard. This thread was started by @eudaimon based on current logo still referenced as a proposal, and they want to do a poll. It may lead to a new variant being favoured, or not. May leads to multiple variations becoming used (where a marketing type in a company would shout “No, no, NO”, but for organic fedi it may be alright), or we might not further pursue alternatives and the current alternative candidates could be reused elsewhere.

Another candidate from the toot thread, by @dsfgs. The double lines form the ‘F’ shape of Fediverse:

Update: Latest variant of this logo design (taken from this toot):


Yes, that is the same here.

I very much like the idea to have variations for certain contexts.
So much thanks to

Totally disagree with this

Design by committee will lead you… Nowhere.

Yes yes, it might not lead to a new official logo and we might stick to the original one.
BUT it leads already to a supercool debate about what people think about the fediverse, what they want.
It is so much more valuable to “people thinking in pictures” than the debates of Aristotle people.

My 2 cents about Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters’ logo:
It is superprofessional design and especially I like the hexagon/comb idea.
If you look at https://conf.activitypub.rocks/ there are also combs for a reason.
I wanted to indicate that
• we work together like bees
• Fedi is sweet like honey

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I’ve launched a poll to decide whether to stick with current design or work on a new one, let’s wait for the results. It’s here: https://mastodont.cat/@nestort/105511052496179195

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I thought I’d have a go at something without the connected-network motif (just for variety and because it feels like a lot of elements going on in a logo). This is what I came up with:

I’d rather some slightly more organic curves than I could get for this sketch but the idea is:

  • Social networks are blue now, no use fighting it, but a deep blue evokes a universe, as in the Fediverse.
  • The infinity symbol to represent the endless space of the Fediverse
  • The swoosh evokes rings on a planet, again tying into the universe theme.
  • The design resembles a lowercase cursive F for Fediverse.
  • Hopefully it scales OK, and is only uses two colours, so it should adapt to a range of contexts including tiny and monochrome.

Well, the poll ended with these results:

  • 59% Yes, keep it
  • 18% Not really, but keeping the current logo is fine
  • 23% No, change it

From 138 votes.

So my personal opinion is to stick with what we have.

I say that even though I like some of the proposals here very much (especially these two last ones (the one from https://activism.openworlds.info/@dsfgs and the one from @andrewt).

Probably someone who has studied design (or learnt its principles) could point some errors (or “things that don’t work towards its purpose”) of the current proposal, and probably these two new proposals address them, so maybe it could be argued that these are better proposals than the current one.

Personally I decide to trust the results of the poll (even if it is of course not a reliable method to gather the actual fediverse’s feeling about it, and its sample size is tiny).

Anyway, anyone is free to use any logo they want! That’s the beauty of the Fediverse (or the disadvantage depending on how you look at it).

Maybe the Wikipedia page for the Fediverse could serve as a “universal” (because it’s very visited) and hopefully neutral place to present all the alternatives?

Thank you all, and I’m sure this will continue in the future. I’ll be glad to participate in one or other way


yay! Flyers!

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Just to bring more confusion to the topic – Hail Eris!, it sounds good to me to have a variety of logos to indicate diversity. Of course, this makes it all more confusing because you cannot really figure out what you’re talking about… Or can you?

Eventually one will stick. Or three.


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Found via @jfrantzius on Fedi Marketing chat the fediOrigami repo with a gazillion variations of:

Fedi logo proposal sheet showing some variations

The last sentence is

Copyright DSFGS Copyleft GPLv3 for Fediverse AGPLv3 licensed softwares for everyone.

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

(post deleted by author)

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