Feedback requested: Drafts which are ready to finalize but go stale

Please discuss here or at codeberg. Thanks!


Thank you @weex for the FEP gardening[1].

Note that Spring has come and people tend to be less active as Summer is approaching. That said…

Proposed solution:
A gentle nudge on any FEP discussion topic at SocialHub or elsewhere (see the discussionsTo metadata field) if more than 14 or 30 days have passed. I’m not sure if that can be a bot on just the FEP topics on SocialHub.

Yes, we can certainly use a script to bump the topics with lingering discussions and eventually mention the draft authors, using the discourse-api.

Is this a generic issue that illustrates a problem with the FEP process, or can this be addressed by nudging people as you propose?

  1. … and keeping the discussion on topic: low or no-value comments following a topic proposal are very much spammy. This is just link placement. We do not like spam. This is a warning to the person who posted the spam that was swiftly deleted. ↩︎


Yes. Thank you. :+1:

From a personal feeling, pushing a FEP to reach state FINAL doesn’t seem that desirable:

  • I will no longer be able to change it.
  • I have to go through all the comments to ensure I have taken others points into account.

I think @trwnh’s suggestion of a having a FEP landing page might help. One could have a front page that only shows finalized FEPs. This might push people’s lizard brains into wanting to finalize FEPs.

From another viewpoint: Gamification tells us people react to rewards, having your FEP get a more prominent place, sounds like a good reward.


We do have a FEP landing page. It’s called FEP Index and is editable from the first post of About the Fediverse Enhancement Proposals. I do not think it’s up-to-date though, and it could certainly be better. Also, it could change ownership :wink:


I don’t think I have appropriate permissions. I get a “Reply” button and not an “Edit” button.

I get an “Edit” button for:

Yes, the first post may be turned into a Wiki and then the ‘Edit’ button is displayed. Only thing with Discourse wiki posts is that - when they aren’t last in the thread - they aren’t bumped to the top of the list when an edit happens. With so many places to update something manually, it is very easy for something to get out-of-sync.

Members of @fep.hosts can edit the FEP Index. Maybe @helge could be one of them.


@helge would be most welcome in the team of FEP editors, being very active in the process and improvement thereof.

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I can help with FEP and gardening of its assets.

I will step aside for my own FEPs and FEPs, I’m involved in, though.


Thank you for your kind offer to help the FEP process along! You are now in the FEP editors group.