Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs OpenCollective

Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs OpenCollective

The Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs OpenCollective is set up to push for free (libre) and accessible ActivityPub application development. The Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs Collective aims to cover many open and transparent human activities around ActivityPub development, including a core focus around open source software written in Golang.

This Collective aims to do lightweight accounting to ensure the community is fiscally healthy and capable of supporting multiple kinds of work, not just code contributions.


Matrix: #go-fed:feneas.org

  • @cj@mastodon.technology


Right now it is just @cjs maintaining the Collective and doing core work. The goal is to better finance and incentivize others who wish to contribute to the community, including but not merely limited to coding contributions. @cjs counts his blessings and is currently able to reimburse the OpenCollective for his time, to better stretch the fiscal contributions towards other efforts and other people. Life happens, and this blessing is not a perpetual certainty.

The OpenCollective aims to do some very basic accounting and reporting so that some funds can be set aside and budgeted for larger chunks of work. However, we do not want to introduce too much red tape, so we split work into Budgeted and Unbudgeted items. Budgeted work simply has some degree of funding earmarked for it. Unbudgeted work is still paid work, it just comes out of a general pool of money.

Code of Conduct

To be eligible for expense reimbursement, folks are expected to follow the Code of Conduct when conducting their work.

How To Get Involved

If you’d like to learn more about the collective or donate, check out the OpenCollective page. Since everything is done transparently and in the open, there are no donation tiers: donate what you wish, when you desire to.

If you’d like to tackle some work, either by pitching an idea of your own, discussing existing work items, or simply browse what’s been identified, head on over to the Go-Fed Work Tracker Megathread.

If you’d like to submit an expense, please head over to the OpenCollective page and submit an expense.