Go-Fed Work Tracker Megathread

All work funding sourced from the Go-Fed ActivityPub Labs OpenCollective. The budget is split between Unbudgeted Work, whose funding comes from a general shared pool, and Budgeted Work which requires some preparatory conversations before the work can be addressed, to ensure it has some baseline of dedicated funds to, hopefully, get done.

@cjs currently reimburses his time to be zero-cost to the OpenCollective.

Work Available

Below is the list of available work that needs doing. Assignees are listed afterwards in (parentheses).

Wish List

(Would be Budgeted, but lacking allocation of funds)

  • Write NGI0 Discovery grant proposals:
    • For ActivityPub testsuite completion
    • For engineering of an OCAP-based transport/routing protocol based off of eris and scr
  • Redesign of the library to better accommodate a web-view of FEPs as they go through the process.
  • Getting missing FEPs that are needed to better-document current conventions. Note that new FEPs are generally not incentivized, this is an exception to get what should be documented today, done. They are identified canonically here but duplicated below:
    • webfinger
    • http signatures
    • federating Block activities
    • custom emojis
    • e2e encryption
    • nodeinfo2
    • federating.md
    • chat



Work Completed


Examples of the kinds of work that may be found in the above categories. If you have an idea or proposal:

Budgeted Work Examples

  • Fun artistic content (images, logos, infographics, etc)
  • Hosting Fees
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Larger “makeover” UI/UX changes
  • Writing & Fulfilling Grants

Unbudgeted Work Examples

  • Code contributions (take bugs in repositories and address them in Pull Requests)
  • Code reviews