Groups on the Fediverse

Are there well known current thoughts/discussions/opinions surrounding Groups on the Fediverse? I’m new here and don’t want to post in the wrong location and would love to learn what has already been discussed.

Perhaps it’s already obvious to others here, but it seems to me that the current understanding of how groups (like Facebook Groups) work can be completely re-imagined in the context of a distributed system like this.

For instance, instead of thinking of a group as a feature of an existing service. It would seem to fit much better as its own service on the fediverse.

The user experience I’m imagining is for anyone to use their existing fediverse name to login via OAuth to the group service.

So a group would be a specific type of addition to the fediverse, a logical peer to Mastodon, Tumblr, etc not a feature added on to an existing service.

To start a group is to spin up an instance of group software that authenticates users on the fediverse, has it’s own domain, and doesn’t provide a new account name for the users. Thoughts?


Standardizing on ActivityPub Groups may be of interest

Sorry this is messy, but I am short on time atm, here are some links.

  1. FEP-1b12: Group federation
  2. Federated Forums: Release Friendica 2019.03 "Dalmatian Bellflower" · friendica/friendica · GitHub
  3. Federated Groups for Pixelfed: Standardizing on ActivityPub Groups
  4. How to use groups: How to use Groups
  5. Elgg: ActivityPub support for Elgg
  6. Let’s Discuss Groups: Let's discuss groups - #2 by lanodan
  7. Simple Groups:
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