Guppe Groups: a new ActivityPub app for decentralized social groups

I started learning ActivityPub for a project I want to do with WebVR, and realized the social groups functionality I’d been craving in the fediverse would be dead simple to implement with a server-to-server app.

Now I have Guppe Groups up and running. It really just does two things:

  1. Create new group actors on demand whenever they are searched or tagged
  2. When receiving an activity to an inbox, announce it

This creates actors whose outboxes serve as group activity timelines that people can follow from any ActivityPub app in order to receive the activity in their home timelines.

This (thus far only partial) ActivityPub implementation appears to be the first in Node, Express, and MongoDB

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Hey thanks @datatitian for posting here! I hope we can collectively get some of the resharing issues figured out if put our heads together.