Help Bring Gitea to the Fediverse

Join the FedeProxy vidcall and help bring Gitea to the Fediverse

Whether you are technical or not, there’s many ways you can help. By doing so you’ll contribute to offering real and open alternatives to the dominant position that Github has on the open source movement. Decentralized FOSS development on the Fediverse, no less!


  • Proofreading of grant proposal
  • Dev bounty: Generate gitea private keys
  • Find individuals & orgs to support grant application and/or federation in Gitea
  • Facts / articles that demonstrate the popularity of Gitea
  • Where to advertise the effort towards federation?
  • First grant application must be sent before October 1st, 2021 for the @NGIZero Discovery call

Provide your availability for the vidcall here: Sondage - Grant application for federation - Framadate

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I couldn’t make the video call but it’s nice to see they’re keeping up with updates:


@anon20068248, @fr33domlover, @bill-auger, @cjs what is the relationship between forgefed and fedeproxy? Shouldn’t there be a single project there? Currently #software:forgefed has a category, but not #software:fedeproxy, although the latter looks more active than the former.

After reading the ongoing proposal for NGI0 Discovery I guess we could rename the #software:forgefed category to #software:fedeproxy. Quoting from the application:

Forgefed is the cornerstone of [Fedeproxy] and was active from 2019 to 2020. There was no activity to develop the vocabulary and the model in 2021 and the lead of the project publicly explained that he won’t be involved for the foreseeable future.

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Good news!

Apologies for keeping mum on this, however we can now say we have been accepted into NLnet. NLnet; Federated software forges with Gitea